03 diciembre 2007

Boom Boom Satellites - FIENDS [featuring "Vexille"]


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Anónimo dijo...

I like Vexille!!!
Did you use the image of the movie ""Vexille"" and know AMV which VJ and others made?
AMVJ-remix sessions
very cool site☆

Carlos Mazón Godoy dijo...

I really like the BBS. I think they are really a great group. I´m sure they are gonna be more known in the hole world in no much time.

Many thanks for the page, I didn´t know it. The videos look really cool.
We have not seen Vexille yet (it has not come out of Japan yet) but it looks really well. It remainds me a lot to "Appleseed", in wich BSO the BBS had a pair of songs. I can´t wait to see Vexille and Appleseed 2!

Txs for the visit!!!